Hotel Lorenberg’s Integrity Policy

Personal data?

Personal data is data that in one way or another can identify you as a person. This can be information such as your name, address, telephone number, email, etc.

Responsibility for personal data?

Hotel Lorensberg AB is responsible for the processing and storage of your personal data. If you want to contact us regarding our personal data management, please feel free to do so via

How does Hotel Lorensberg use your personal data?

When you book a hotel stay, you are required to provide us with certain personal information. The information obtained when booking is made, is considered part of our customer agreement and does not require consent. The information is necessary when we administer your booking and communicate with you before, during and after the visit. In order to be able to handle bookings from our customers more easily and faster in the future, we also store this information in our booking system after your stay. In the future, the stored information can also be used to communicate with our customers in the form of mailings regarding offers, etc. If you wish to be deleted from our database after your stay, you can email us at

Personal data breach?

If Hotel Lorensberg has a data breach or if an unintentional loss of personal data occurs, the person responsible for personal data will document the incident and report it to the The Swedish Data Protection Authority. Customers who have been affected are also contacted within 72 hours.

Register extract?

If you have booked a stay or previously stayed at us, you have the right to know what information is stored about you in our booking system. This refers to such information that can be used to identify you as a person. Contact if you want to request a register extract.