Parking at Hotel Lorensberg in Gothenburg city

Are you travelling by car? Please see the following information about parking.

Passenger cars

  1. You can always pull up at our entrance to unload your car and check in. Please see driving directions here.
  2. We have 9 parking spots at the hotel that you can reserve via front desk (250 SEK/night). We recommend booking a parking spot when you make your reservation. Our parking is often fully booked especially on weekends.
  3. If all our spots are reserved, there are several parking lots nearby. For example, Lorensberg parking garage is 200 meters from the hotel. You can pay there with your credit card. You will find more information about parking in Gothenburg here.

Electric cars

Two of our parking spots have a charging station for electric cars. Even these spots must be booked in advance directly with us. Please observe that we can’t guarantee a parking spot for an electric car if you have not reserved it beforehand.

  1. Inform our front desk that you need parking for electric car when booking your parking spot.
  2. The extra cost for a spot with a charging station is 150 SEK/night, in addition to the regular parking fee of 250 SEK/night.
  3. If our parking spots for electric cars are not vacant, there are a few charging stations at Heden’s parking area on Engelbrektsgatan.


  1. You can always pull up at our entrance to unload and check in.
  2. Please see Parking Göteborg’s website for more information about bus parking.

Important information to our guests

On 9 December 2022 Berzeliigatan becomes a two-way street between Södra Vägen and Sten Sturegatan. There will be some changes to the intersections near the hotel. Please pay attention to the traffic signs and be careful when parking at the hotel! You Can read more about the changes on Trafik Göteborg’s website.