Sustainability Green Key

A Green Key awarded hotel

We care about the environment and your convenience. When you choose to stay at Hotel Lorensberg, you choose a hotel that is eco-labeled with Green Key. Hotel Lorensberg has been environmentally certified by Green Key since June 2016. This means that you contribute to taking responsibility for the environment, as we follow Green Key’s environmental requirements.

We help you as a guest to take care of the environment without compromising your experience or convenience with us.


Here are some examples of our environmental efforts:

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are gentle on both you and the environment.

We work to reduce energy consumption, for example through efficient heating and ventilation systems as well as LED or low-energy lamps as light sources.

We work actively to minimize the amount of waste while we sort and recycle, for example, paper, plastic, metal and glass.


The front desk is happy to help you if you have questions about our environmental work or about how you can contribute to the work! If you want to read more about how Green Key works internationally, read more here.

Since 2018, we are completely cash-free, better for the environment and for our safety. We thank you for your understanding and for helping us make our work environment safer. Payment is instead made by card or by advance payment. You are most welcome to Hotel Lorensberg!