Liseberg Amusement Park – just around the corner

Gothenburg’s amusement park Liseberg opens up at April 28, 2018. Do you dare to try the new ride for this year, Valkyria?
We would also recommend the past year’s new rides Loke, Helix and Mechanica, and the Rabbit Land, with rides for the younger visitors.

We offer package deals with room, breakfast and entrance tickets to Liseberg. Please note that our package rates are flexible, and the rates will vary between periods during the season. Call us for correct rates or book rooms with tickets to Liseberg at +46 81 06 00.

Example rates for a Liseberg package: from SEK 1220 for a double room small, and from SEK 1720 for a triple room.

All rates are per room and night, and includes entrance tickets to Liseberg. This offer is based on availability in the following period:  every day between May 30 – August 19, 2018, and selected days during April 28 – May 29, 2018, and between August 20 – September 30, 2018.

Please note that children under the length of 110 cm, have free entrance to the amusement park.

Would you like to know more about what happens at Liseberg this season, please visit Liseberg.

Avstånd Göteborg
  • 650m
    • Liseberg