Room extras

Treat yourself with a welcome gift!

Would you like to surprise your partner or celebrate something/someone during your stay at Hotel Lorensberg? We offer the following room extra packages:

♥ Flowers – choose the size of the bouquet, from 250 SEK

♥ Sparkling wine – choose between two price classes, 200 or 300 SEK

♥ Chocolate & fruit – 200 SEK

♥ Sparkling wine, chocolate & fruit – 400 SEK

Flowers, sparkling wine & fruit – 500 SEK

Flowers, sparkling wine, chocolate & fruit – 600 SEK

Room extras can be booked at the same time you book your rooms or at latest 3 days before arrival. Order your extras via email to

Please note that the package can be cancelled at latest 3 days before arrival.

Check out our junior suite for a more luxurious visit!

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